Sunday, August 16, 2015

Children's Songbook for Beginning Pianists

The Children's Songbook contains songs at varying difficulty levels. If you have a beginning pianist, here are some ideas:

p. 21 For Health and Strength
p. 23 Father Up Above
p. 23 Heavenly Father While I Pray
p. 59 Jesus Loved the Little Children
p. 118 Book of Mormon Stories
p. 241 Birds in the Tree
p. 241 Rain is Falling
p. 248 Falling Snow
p. 253 Sing a song
p. 285 You've Had a Birthday

p. 42 Away in a Manger
p. 71 To Think about Jesus
p. 73 Help Us O God to Understand
p. 99 Help Me Dear Father
p. 103 When I am Baptized
p. 151 I am Glad for Many Things
p. 152 Hum Your Favorite Hymn
p. 159 Stand for the Right
p. 189 Family Prayer
p. 198 Happy Family
p. 206 Mother Dear
p. 249 Once there was a Snowman
p. 254 Hello Friends
p. 263 We are Different
p. 266 If You're Happy
p. 275 To Get Quiet

Medium easy:
p. 2 I am a Child of God
p. 18 I Need My Heavenly Father
p. 20 Thanks to our Father
p. 25 I Love to Pray
p. 26 Reverently Quietly
p. 28 I Will Try to be Reverent
p. 30 This is God's House
p. 31 Reverence is Love
p. 39 Little Jesus
p. 55 Jesus Once was a Little Child
p. 61 Jesus Said Love Everyone
p. 70 Jesus Has Risen
p. 110 Follow the Prophet
p. 114 Books in the Old Testament
p. 116 Books in the New Testament
p. 156 Chapel Doors
p. 160 Choose the Right Way
p. 168 I Want to Be a Missionary Now
p. 196 Saturday
p. 216 Little Pioneer Children
p. 281 Wise Man and Foolish Man

p. 7  I Thank Thee Dear Father
p. 14 I Pray in Faith
p. 29 Father I Will Reverent Be
p. 66 Hosanna
p. 77 The Church of Jesus Christ
p. 82 When He Comes Again
p. 92 The Hearts of the Children
p. 94 Family History
p. 105 The Holy Ghost
p. 146 Keep the Commandments
p. 172 We'll Bring the World His Truth

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