Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We'll Bring the World His Truth

1st verse:
 We have been born as Nephi of old to goodly parents who love the Lord. 

We sang this line, then I called on someone to name their goodly parents "Joe and Sue Black" etc, then we sang it again, called on someone else to name their parents, and so on. We repeated it lots with no boredom because they all wanted a turn to say their parents names. 

Then we sang the next phrase: We have been taught and we understand that we must do as the Lord commands. 

This time I interspersed singing the line with calling on kids to say one thing their parents have taught them or one thing the Lord commands. Again, lots of repetition without boredom. This strategy works best with just a few words of talking then jumping back into singing again.

Four simple actions for the chorus:

We are as the army of Helaman (stand bravely with hands on hips), 
we have been taught in our youth (pointer finger to head, indicating learning), 
and we will be the Lord's missionaries (use your fingers to make a "missionary tag" on your chest) 
to bring the world His truth (have your hands go around the whole world).

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Keep the Commandments

Simple actions for this song:

(The first two beats of each linee, pat your lap twice. The last two beats of each line get an
action. You can easily google the 2 ASL signs if they are unfamiliar.)

Keep (pat) the (pat) commandments (make a C with one hand)
Keep (pat) the (pat) commandments (make a C with one hand)
In this (pat) there (pat) is safety (two thumbs up)
In this (pat) there (pat) is peace (ASL for peace)
He (pat) will (pat) send blessings (arms out to encompass all the blessings)
He (pat) will (pat) send blessings (arms out bigger the second time, because the music gets bigger)
Words (pat) of (pat) a prophet (ASL for prophet-- I just do the seeing part, not the person part at the end; it fits the timing better)
Keep (pat) the (pat) commandments (make a C with one hand)
In this (pat) there (pat) is safety (two thumbs up) and peace (ASL for peace)

Article of Faith #5

Simple actions:

We believe (hands on heart) that a man must be

called of God (one arm reaches to heaven--just like "God" in AofF #1)

by prophecy (ASL for prophet: one who "sees")

and by the laying on of hands (put both hands on your head)

by those who are in authority (imagine those who lay their hands on your head when you are confirmed; they have priesthood authority; point to four different imaginary people in the circle, one per beat)

to preach the gospel and administer (use your fingers to make a pretend missionary nametag on your chest)

in the ordinances thereof (make an O with one hand - just like AofF#3 - and bounce it 4x to the beat)