Saturday, August 1, 2015

Article of Faith #12

We believe (hands on heart)
in being subject to kings (place an imaginary crown on your head)
presidents (one arm across your body, palm up, sweeping out like you're making a speech to the people)
rulers (end the previous action with your hand up high in a lofty pose; a ruler is higher than anyone else in the land)
and magistrates (explain that a magistrate is a judge; hold an imaginary gavel in your hand and bang it on your imaginary desk)
In obeying (ASL for obey -- one hand on head, other hand on heart, then offer them)
Honoring (with your hands still outsretched, bow your head and bend your knee to show respect)
and Sustaining (sustain means to uphold, so with your hands still outstretched, pretend there is something heavy and important in your hands and you are lifting it back up to standing)
the law (fingers make an L shape)

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