Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Choose the Right Way (CS p. 160)

First introduce the chorus:

This is a superhero song.  Pretend you are "Captain CTR"! What does CTR stand for?  That's right, and Captain CTR's super power is that he always chooses the right.  So stand up and put your hands on your hips like a superhero.  Now listen while I sing Captain CTR's motto: "I must always choose the right!" (pump your right fist into the air when you sing "the right") Now you try it with me. Wow, that was great!  Now before superheroes say their motto and fly off, they usually give advice to the good citizens watching.  What advice do you think Captain CTR would give?  Listen while I sing it: "Choose the right way and be happy!" (Hands on hips, pump right fist into the air on "right", right hand points to cheesy superhero smile on "happy") Sing it with me this time. Now we'll sing it again, but this time after we give our advice to the noble citizens of the world, we'll sing our motto. (in other words, sing through the whole chorus with the actions)

Time to sit down to learn the verse.

First learn this rhythm pattern: pat -- pat, clap -- clap, pat -- pat, clap -- clap...
It should be in a slow-quick pattern with the "--" as a pause.

Once the kids have the pattern down, sing through the verse with the clapping pattern.  Start the first pat on the word "right".  End by holding the word "way" through a pat--pat, clap! (Just one clap to end the verse.) Point out that it's impossible to choose the right if you don't know what is right.  How can you know what is the right way?  Listen while we sing it again.  Did you hear it?  What will help me and show me the way?  Learning the teachings of Jesus!  Sing it with me this time. (Repeat two more times.) This time when we get to our last CLAP! I want you to stand up and sing the superhero part. (Sing the whole song through in its entirety, clapping rhythmically on the verse, then standing and doing the superhero actions on the chorus.)

Once they know the song, it can be used as a wiggle song or a change of pace after learning a more slow or reverent song.

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