Friday, October 31, 2014

Dare to Do Right (CS p. 158)

This song can be taught very quickly by using the following actions:

Each time you say the word "right", pump your right fist into the air.

Each time you say "true", raise your right hand as if you're in court swearing to tell the truth.

"You (point to someone else) have a work that
no other (shake your head and wag your finger) can do"

"Do it so bravely (fist over heart)
 so kindly (ASL love-- arms crossed over chest)
so well (thumbs up OR a-ok sign)

"Angels (fling your arms wide above your head, slowly coming back down as you look at all the angels) will hasten the story to tell"
(explain that this means that when you do your very best, the angels get so excited they want to tell everyone how well you have done)

When you do the "dare"s in the chorus, put your hands on your hips, all at once if there is just one "dare", one at a time when they are repeated.

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