Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I Know My Father Lives (Hymn #302 OR CS p. 5)

Today we are going to learn a song that teaches us about God.  Did you know there are many people in the world who are confused about who God is and what He is like?  But we don't have to be confused, because we can learn the truth through this song.

I'm going to sing the first phrase of this song, and I want you to listen for two truths it tells us about God:
(sing) I know my Father lives

Truth #1:  God is my Father
Truth #2:  God has a body; He lives

Now I'm going to sing the next phrase.  Listen for another truth:
(sing) and loves me too

Truth #3: God loves me

Will you sing that whole line with me?  ("I know my Father lives, and loves me too")

(Bear testimony:) God is real.  He lives, and because He is your Father, He loves you. I know that is true.

Do you feel the Holy Ghost whispering to you that this is true?  That's the Holy Ghost's job: to tell you in your mind and in your heart what is true.  When you feel happy, that is the Spirit speaking to you.

The next line of the song reminds us of this.  It tells us HOW we can know these things are true.
(sing) The Spirit whispers this to me and tells me it is true; and tells me it is true.

This song is a testimony.  It tells what you know, and how you know it.  When you sing this song, it is just like bearing your testimony.  Will you sing it with me? (repeat it several times until it is learned)

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