Thursday, July 31, 2014

To Be a Pioneer (CS p. 218)

What do you think of when you hear the word "pioneer"?
Do you think of pushing handcarts?
Leaving family and friends to go to a distant land?
Walking thousands of miles?

What would you say if I told you that YOU can be a pioneer?
Would you have to do those things too?

Let's sing the first verse (with actions for younger kids):
     You don't have to push a handcart (pretend to push)
     Leave your family dear (wave goodbye)
     Or walk a thousand miles or more (walk in place)
     To be a pioneer!

The things the pioneers did aren't as important as the inner qualities they possessed that helped them to do those things.  What character traits did they have?  (Optional: you can tell some pioneer stories that illustrate these characteristics: courage, faith, hard work)

Let's sing the second verse
     You DO need to have great courage (fist over your heart)
     Faith to conquer fear (pointer finger at side of head, then throw away the fear)
     And work with might (show your muscles) for a cause that's right (pump right fist into the air)
     To be a pioneer!

Discussion:  (use specific examples personalized to their stage of life)
When would you need to have great courage?

"In order for us to make the correct decisions, courage is needed -- the courage to say no when we should, the courage to say yes when that is appropriate, the courage to do the right thing because it is right... Inner courage also includes doing the right thing even though we may be afraid, defending our beliefs at the risk of being ridiculed, and maintaining those beliefs even when threatened with a loss of friends or of social status." -- Thomas S Monson (Ensign May 2014)

How does faith conquer fear? (see D&C 6:36; 68:6)

Is there a cause that you are willing to work hard in defending?

Quote by M. Russell Ballard (Oct 2008): "The Lord isn’t asking us to load up a handcart; He’s asking us to fortify our faith. He isn’t asking us to walk across a continent; He’s asking us to walk across the street to visit our neighbor. He isn’t asking us to give all of our worldly possessions to build a temple; He’s asking us to give of our means and our time despite the pressures of modern living to continue to build temples and then to attend regularly the temples already built. He isn’t asking us to die a martyr’s death; He’s asking us to live a disciple’s life."

Bear testimony that we CAN be pioneers in courage, faith, and standing for what is right.

Learn the "we are marching" descant.  Then sing the verses and descant together.  This is a really fun activity.

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