Monday, April 13, 2015

Article of Faith #6

Simple actions for the Sixth Article of Faith:

We believe (hands over heart)

In the same organization (hands on one side of your body making two sides of an imaginary box)

(This is the way our church is organized.  Now have your hands travel back in time over your head to the other side of your body, again making two sides of an imaginary box.  This is the church when Jesus lived on the earth.  It's called the Primitive Church. Do you see how they look the same?)

that existed in the Primitive Church (imaginary box on the other side)

namely: (with your hand on the "Primitive Church side of your body, count on your fingers; there are five altogether) apostles, prophets, pastors (explain this is the same as bishops), teachers, evangelists (same as patriarchs)

and so forth (have a thumbs up sign with your opposite hand start at your open counting hand and travel to the modern day church side; thumbs up means we have those same things in our church today)

As an added bonus, look at your hands.  Five fingers plus one thumb equals six.  This will help you remember it is the sixth article of faith.

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