Monday, September 22, 2014

Every Star is Different (CS p. 142)

(This could be used in Primary the day of the program: Today's Primary program was wonderful; do you know why?  It was because each and every one of you was a shining star.  Do you know what makes you a shining star?  You let your light shine.  As you sang the songs, the light of your personality and the light of your testimony shone so brightly that the people in the congregation felt that light and were warmed and strengthened by it.  By YOU. EACH one of you made the program a success.)

(This could also be used in a family setting, discussing the importance of each family member.)

Today I'm going to teach you a song about being a shining star.

Every star is different (twinkle several different "stars" with your hands)
And so is every child (pat heads of several imaginary kids of different heights)
          --Point out how we look different and have different talents,
             but one isn't better than or worse than another; it's just different.

Some are bright and happy (exploding hands around face)
And some are meek and mild (clasp hands to bosom, smile and sway shyly)
           --Again, point out that it's not better or worse to be outgoing/shy, it's just different

Why do you think Heavenly Father made everyone different?

Everyone is needed for just what he can do (arms out including everyone, fists close on needed)
You're the only person who ever can be you (point on you're and you)
            --So should Sally try to be like Alice?  Are Sally and Alice competing with each other?       Remind the children that life is not a competition.  They should just work on being the best                 "self" possible.

The chorus talks about shining brightly.  Every time we say the word bright, our hands will explode like a shining star.  Listen:

A shining star (arm waves across the sky) shining brightly (exploding hands on brightly)
Not so very far (pointer finger shakes no) shining brightly (explode)
Be a shining star (hand on chest for "be") shine so brightly (explode)
Shine right where you are (point down at where your feet are standing) brightly (explode)

What does it mean to "shine right where you are"?  Why does it say "not so very far"?  Do you have to be world famous to shine?  Or are there things you can do right here and now to let your light shine?

(If there is not time to teach the 2nd verse, the first verse can be sung again to finish the song.)

Optional tie-ins:
Sing the first verse of "We are Different" (CS p. 263) while playing a simple cup passing rhythm game (sit on the floor in a circle with a cup in front of you; clap, clap, drum, drum, drum, clap, grab, pass to the right).  This would tie into the theme of how everyone is needed to make the game a success. Here is a video showing this rhythm.

Watch several of the "One in a Million" videos on the church website. They spotlight children from around the world who are all different but are all shining their light.

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